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Call The Curtain Guy!!

“Call curtain guy” has been on my to do list since last September when our bathroom project was complete.

I do lists. Daily. And I am not ashamed of copying whole lists from Monday onto Tuesday. I go through a lot of pens.

The bedroom curtains have got to be dirty. The tile guys were polishing and doing small cuts in the master bath. They hung up plastic everywhere making barriers. But.

“I don't see any dirt.” My husband says. But he wakes up every morning with bad sinuses.

“It’s the dust in the curtains.” I say. Even though I really see nothing.

These curtains are big and they fold and I don't think dust really looks like anything. The curtains are a dusty blue in color anyway.

I count how many times I’ve written “call curtain guy”. The months, the days. Usually only Monday through thats only 5 times a week x 8 months....

I open the windows wide in the spring, let the breeze blow through them.

I go to the next item on my list and clean out the garage on a Tuesday. I try to turn the 1980’s boom box on, which sits on a shelf just for these types of chores. But it doesn't work. I am devastated. I plug it in and out. Try all the buttons and knobs. I pick it up and shake it violently - because I have lived with men all my life - so this procedure is ingrained in me. The boom box doesn't make a sound.

Saturday list. “Boom box to recycle center.” And I say good bye.

Later in the week, I stand in the garage and watch Dillon clean his bike. He goes to the now empty shelf and plugs his phone in.

“Oh wow, “ he says, “that outlet didn't work last week!”

“What??” I say, sort of freaking. “I just tossed the boom box - I thought it was broken!!!”

“When was that?” He asks.

“Last Tuesday.”

“Oh, it worked Tuesday,” he claims, “I mean - this was a couple weeks ago.”

I stare at him awhile.

He stares back.

“You’re making that up to make me feel better, aren’t you?”

He smiles and nods, turns his iTunes on louder than I ever heard that boom box go.

Inside, I tell my husband, “Dillon is a lover. He has a heart of gold.”

There are lots of things we don’t always see about each other. Between the folds. Seems to always be some dust we want to clean out. It eats away at us every day. Maybe we just need to open the windows and let in the fresh air that is trying to flow through.

Heart of gold Dillon.

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Jul 14, 2019

LOL...Now that’s funny!


Maggie Stewart
Maggie Stewart
Jul 13, 2019

Lol! Joanie, we need to buy some stock


Very well said !! also loved discovering that i am not single-handedly keeping the post-it notes people in business !! xox

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