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Score Cards of Life

Our friend, Gary Burr, is a GIGANTIC Nashville singer/songwriter. He also writes hilarious email “musings”. Google him.

Recently, he wrote about regrets - how “they are the score cards that tell us where we are in the game.” He said he has a few - one being the time a friend who was writing with a teen-ager asked him to come over. She wanted another “real writer” in the room. You know, teen-agers. He opted out and missed writing that day with Taylor Swift.

I liked his score card idea - and being intensely into the Cubs right now, I went with it.

I thought about all the balls I swung at which flied out in the infield. Some, making it all the way to the the warning track - but not over the fence.

Your basic score card of regrets- those times where I grounded out, mixed with those times where I stood still like a fool and watched a fast ball down the middle cross my plate.

Stick with me here, non baseball fans.

Meliorism. The word of the day on my birthday. It means “The belief that the world can be made better by human effort.”

That’s where I saw the most marks on my score card.

People helped me. In school, in my career, in my writing, in my parenting. You put it out there - and someone helps. (Build it…and they will come…) (sorry)

Sometimes someone even helps without asking.

The sacrifice flies, the bunts, the fat pitches came for me and advanced me to today.

I like to tell my boys this. Because even though they are strong, capable men - boys can grow up to believe “I’ve got this” is the way to handle life. Strong chin. Muscles. By themselves.

Sometimes that is the way.

Women are a bit more open to putting themselves out there. I always tell everyone when I am on a diet. Because I do have friends who will say “Are you really gonna eat that?” When I reach for the bread. And the butter.

BTW, don’t bother telling waiters at Mexican restaurants this - they just keep bringing the chips.

Scorecards change. Sometimes it's my turn to hit the sacrifice fly. And that can feel like a home run. Sometimes I do add up the strikeouts. That’s the beauty of a score card. It’s the facts.

FYI, if you see me? I’m on a diet. Go Cubs.

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